No. 299's version of #demoday

In case you haven't heard yet No. 299 is moving to a new space in the downtown area.  

11 Unquowa Road...

If you could see me while I am writing this post you would see the giant smile on my face, feel my  (2 parts excited 1 part nervous) energy as I type but you can't so you will just have to trust me when I say... 


We (as in my family minus oldest daughter who was away for the weekend) spent some time this past weekend at the new space working on our TO-DO list.  

I kept looking around for the cameras because it sure felt like DEMO DAY, Chip Gaines favorite day on the HGTV show Fixer Upper!  

Except there was no Chip and Jo,  just Mike and Jackie and our 2 boys.  A girl can dream, can't she?!

Most of you see all the pretty parts of No. 299 and that is a good thing!  

What you don't see is the behind the scenes bits that 90% of the time involve my hubby.  

He is a good egg. 

And while you don't see my family at the store they are very involved in my little growing business.  I like that they see first hand how hard and constant owning your own business can be and I like them to be involved when possible.

So Sunday and Monday involved tearing down a few partitions or walls.  It kinda depends on if you were the one doing the work because then you would say walls.  But when you see these pictures below you will think partitions.

Room #1 had dressing room walls, 2 of the 3 had to come down

And room #2 had just one wall, 
the unpainted sheet rock you see below.

Why is it that Chip makes DEMO DAY look so fun and so easy.  It's NOT!

 And here they are with the walls down.  Can you believe my luck with the wall color in here.  I pray 2 coats will do it but with colors like these it may be 3.  UGH!

I decided to keep that one partition/wall.  Let's hope I still feel that way once we move everything into the space.

Hard to believe 2 of the 3 workers are still smiling!?

The space is divided into what used to be two separate store fronts.  And they are connected by that doorway that is on the right side of the picture above with the silver handle. 

So in my mind I am working out the layout and where things will go so it all makes sense.  I am VERY visual so it may just have to happen once the moving truck arrives.  And like Joanna, I will direct my strong movers were to place things and I most likely will change my mind a few times.  This is why its important to pay your family (for some of the jobs) when they help you!  My boys have been busy negotiating their rates.

In the meantime painting is next up!  Originally I was thinking white walls to let the goodies shine but this old space has a beautiful white-painted tin ceiling and so I may switch gears and use a pale grey.  I considered Ben Moore Classic Gray, Gray Owl and Pale Oak but Pale Oak won out today.  And in the green room I am considering doing the far wall, the one you would see when you walk from room #1 into room #2, navy or charcoal.  Today I picked navy and I took a risk because I am a bit burned out with my old stand by...Hale Navy and so I chose Old Navy.  Some bloggers spoke highly of it and when I read the words classic and crisp I was sold.  

Our town has the sweetest, old fashioned Memorial Day parade every year and so I (with hubby of course) hustled down Saturday morning at 7:30 to style the 2 window fronts.  I must give him credit for this idea.   It would be a busy weekend for town and a great opportunity to tell people what was coming.

My Brimfield find...the vintage lady...and a handful of other goodies made their way to #11. 

I went with the red, white and blue theme.  The light was doing funny things that morning so I don't have a full window pic to share but here are some of the things that went into the vision.  

Before oldest left for the long weekend she created this fun chalk board for the window.

Another Brimfield find...the union jack burlap ottoman, a lantern, reclaimed wood planter topped with a vintage glass fishing buoy and signage...

the vintage lady got a festive skirt...

and a navy (BM Hale Navy) painted side board topped with brass orbs and vintage glass Pepsi bottles for a pop of red fit into the far right corner...

more signage to tell people how to find me...

and the cutest patriotic pin wheels that I found at Home Goods were hung in the window.

And over the course of the weekend I got a handful of really nice texts and comments on Insta from friends who strolled by and saw the window.

I can feel the love and as I said earlier I am EXCITED!


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