My day at Brimfield

Hard to believe last Sunday was only my second time going to Brimfield. 

Its a flea market extraordinaire.  

It's close to a mile long stretch of road with "fields" filled with vendors on either side of the road for as far as the eye can see.  

Sure there are food trucks and vendors littered throughout but mostly its just tent after tent of treasures waiting to be discovered.  

I picked up my friend Connie at 6 am and we made the one hour and 45 minute trek to the little town of Brimfield, MA.

It's always flea market FUN with Connie

The Meadows was our favorite.  

It played home to industrial vendors and after chatting with a number of vendors in the Meadows we learned it is also called the designer field.  Leave it to the friendly guy from Michigan (gotta love mid-westerners) to tell us that on his busiest day he had pulled in 20k.  His neighbor whom we nick-named Sven was from Germany and he had the outfit and accent to match.  He filled a shipping container with Bier Garden tables and benches and sailed it over from Germany.  These guys were all business and business they sure did!  

I picked up a table, its top is shown below.  We were told it came from France and while it looked like some kind of school or industry table its top glowed with this beautiful aqua.  Its a large, thin piece of glass.  At just over 6 feet long it was a doozy to get into the Suburban but Sven and Co. worked their magic and a long stream of what we can only assume were German swear words and eventually they got it in.

You can never have enough cash at Brimfield.  I had my sights set on a few display pieces for the store and this table fit that description but there are always many, many more goodies that you just can't resist.  And most of those didn't fit into my list of must-haves but hey, that's the fun of it.

Some items were just too rich for my blood and I had to pass.  

And some things weren't even remotely on my must-have list but you just had to take a minute to admire them.

We met a wood supplier.  These pieces above and below are his.  Beautiful live edge slices of wood with beautiful natural grain shining brightly.  When he splashed the walnut with water it enhance the grain even further.  This he said was how the wood would look once treated.  Holy cow...its was beautiful!

This table of HUGE, rusty metal letters made me think of Joanna Gaines.

Loved the rainbow of stars.

Can't you just imagine all the fun ways these corbels could be used?

This table was 17 feet long.  Come On!

An hour before I spied these oldies mounted up high on a support beam I had bought 2 mini versions of them from another vendor.  Fun to see them giant sized.

I have a thing for doors.

Half the fun of markets like these are wondering what vintage pieces were used for and trust me we take the time to discuss it with each other and the vendors too when they are willing to chat with us.  

Some sort of a paper storage cabinet.  Each layer slid out.

Earlier in the week I had seen this picture on Instagram.  
It was even better in person.

Me working my magic to purchase 2 of these fun burlap poofs.

So excited with this vintage dress form purchase...stay tuned...more to come on this one.  

This is what I love about my friend Connie, she forces me out of my comfort zone and gets me to do silly things.

We guessed this sorted and/or stored supplies.  Maybe in a hardware store or factory?

Who can resist buying a few metal letters.  I can never have enough 299's.

This piece would make a great check out table for the store.


It's safe to say that a trip to Brimfield will definitely NOT DISAPPOINT!  

The market runs in May, July and again in September.  

Get it on your bucket list!


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