Exciting news

I am bursting with excitement and FINALLY I can talk about it out loud! 

I will be moving my store to a new location.  

I have loved my little spot here on Villa Avenue.  It has been an amazing opportunity for me to spread my wings and test out the whole retail thing. 


And I could never have created this much success without the amazing support of the local community and all my wonderful customers who travel to Villa to experience the 299 vibe.  I am thankful for all the "likes" and "comments" on social media, for all the word of mouth recommendations and for all the incredibly nice things customers say to me when they are here in the shop.

While my new chapter is exciting it's also a bit scary.  But my gut tells me it's time for increased exposure and growth and the heart of downtown Fairfield feels right.

I have been looking and researching a move for some time now and many of you have probably talked with me at some time or another about the ideal place for No. 299.  What I have learned is that there is no perfect place.  All spaces, like my building on Villa, have pros and cons.

But the idea of being in the thick of it downtown next door to the Community Theatre and on one of the busiest corners of Fairfield has my heart all a flutter.

This building is old.  

We are talking old fashioned iron radiators, tin ceilings and old wood floors.  It's a dream interior for No. 299 and I can't wait to get in there and add my special touch.

The inside needs some TLC as you can see.  It should be a great before and after reveal. 

But the view out the 2 front windows is bright and busy.

I'll take that!  

And each of the 2 front windows has a window seat that I can't wait to trick out with a gorgeous No. 299 window display.

I will need to create new signage for out front but that will be fun too!

I will remain at my Villa Avenue space until June 17th, the last day of school.

My goal is to open up at 11 Unquowa Road towards the end of June.

I hope you will stop by my new digs and say hello.


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