weeding out

Weeding is not just for the garden.  

It also works wonders in any closet, the basement, kitchen cabinets, your kids rooms, etc.

Think small (I realize that doesn't sound very encouraging) because sometimes thinking BIG in this department results in no results as it can be just too darn overwhelming.  

Today for instance I was in the basement painting a old piece (a cabinet whose brass railings sold me the minute I saw it) and I glanced over at  the mountain of paint cans I have collected over the years.  Before I knew what came over me I had sorted through the mountain and left behind a small pile of viable paints still good enough to keep.  The throw away pile is now the mountain and boy did that feel GOOD!

It wasn't a big deal or a big area but it felt so GOOD to have made progress! I highly recommend it.

p.s.  BM's Hale Navy is the color of choice for the cabinet mentioned above and I envision it set up in a living room as a bar, pretty tray on top with a set of fabulous glasses and a cool ice bucket.  There is a thin drawer that runs the width of the piece, perfect for openers, coasters, cocktail napkins and then 3 cabinet doors span across below that and will be perfect for storing liquor bottles. 


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