Instagram LOVE

I find myself going onto Facebook daily but I sorta half-heartily scroll thru the feed.  Not much catches my attention but because of my business I feel it's still important to do so.

And I still post pictures and announcements on FB to spread the word about my store and its changing inventory.  Hey, I am no's free advertising in a day and age where I wouldn't even begin to know where to spend ad dollars even if I had them. So FB is one of my mainstay outlets.

But where I really get excited these days is INSTAGRAM.  

Are you on it?  If not you should do yourself a favor and check it out.  

I suspect the reason I much prefer it over the other is that its much more about pictures.  It tells a visual story and I choose to follow creative do-it-yourself-ers, photographers, designers, architects, shelter magazines, bloggers and more!  These are my peeps!

I love seeing the beautiful pictures of houses and rooms and re-dos and fixer uppers and gardens and crafty ideas.  For me its like taking a supped up vitamin of creative energy.  

Scrolling thru leaves me happy, inspired, energetic and ready to go do something creative.

You should try it sometime.

My user name is no299blog on Instagram, follow along!


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