I am experiencing the good fortune of a warm weather get away thanks to my brother in law and his wife who so graciously open their Florida home to my family while they are not using it.

It's a little slice of heaven.  

They took a dated condo and have created a neutral, beachy atmosphere of creams and blues without having gone over the top.  No clutter anywhere.  Just a well edited space of the necessities.  Kudos! 

And I think that is why whether I am inside or outside it's a place that allows me to re-charge and relax.

I am not one to do nothing for long.  But here in the blue sky, warm temps surrounding I can let myself do just that for a few days.  Lounging by the pool, reading books, riding bikes, 

sleeping late, going out for really is a full RESPITE for me.

My boys tend to fight me on older one mostly but in the end getting away from the noise, clutter, video games and distractions of everything at home is healthy for not only me but also our family unit.

So while my creative juices are re-charging I am taking in all the visual intel of being in a new surrounding.  

The colors seem brighter, 

but that could be that I spend the majority of the day outside rather than inside bundled up; 

the day is longer 

and the night sky holds the hues of the sunset for an hour after the sun has gone down.

B and T....thank you for this!  xo


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