little things

Today a customer came into the store and bought a scented candle and a foaming hand soap.  She said it was these little things that brightened up her house and her day.

It got me thinking that we all need little things or ways to brighten up our day, especially in the WINTER in the Northeast.

So, here is my top 10 things/ways to be happy in your home.

1.  HAND  SOAP...currently we have 8 scents of foaming hand soap, each with its own decorative, colorful label.  Find one that works for your powder room or kitchen sink.

2.  GO GREEN...I am a firm believer of the power of green.  Especially in the winter when things are rather (very) bleak.  A plant, an orchid, a bouquet of cut flowers just get something green.

3.  TACKLE a PILE of JUNK...Sometimes its the thinking and worrying about how to tackle something that is more stressful than the actual art of just doing it.

4.  COOK a new RECIPE...if you are anything like me you cook that same recipes over and over until your kids say ENOUGH!  Just one new recipe can put a kick in your step ( or evening).

5.  USE the GOOD STUFF....Spice up a regular old night by taking out the good stuff.  China, crystal or flatware, doesn't matter what just CHANGE it up!

6.   SCENTED CANDLE....I can't even begin to tell you how many scented candles we sell at the store.  There is a reason.  It's a low cost way to change up your home and get happy.

7.  VISIT a store that INSPIRES you...a few days ago a customer came into the store and said, "this is my happy place" and it left me feeling so glad.  Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way and experience, feel, see something new.

8.  LIGHT CANDLES on the dinner table...a while ago i wrote a blog post about the power of candlelight and white it's a small thing it sets the scene and takes things up a notch.  You should try it.

9.  BUY a new decorative PILLOW...I am a big fan of neutral couches.  Probably because this leaves plenty of room for changing out the pillows.  These days there are SO many places to find creative, fun pillows that offer a pop of change to your space.  

10  CELEBRATE VALENTINES DAY....It's almost here and you can do something decorative, something fragrant or something tasty.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive.


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