Can you feel it in the air?

This morning I walked outside and was struck with the 40 degree morning temps.  It felt down right balmy and I thought to myself, SPRING....I can feel it!

I am just not a Winter person and at the age of 48 I have figured out the best way to make it thru the few months of cold and snow...dressing in layers, 1 (or 2) warm weather get aways and Ugg slippers.  But feeling those milder temps this was such a pick me up!

And as I got dressed for work I was tempted to put on a big, bright turquoise necklace with my black wool sweater.  I am craving the Spring and I don't think I realized just how much.

And it's no different in the store.  

I have put the new aqua and mercury votives front and center on the mantel and I LOVE their bright contribution to the space.

Same with the new Illume tin candles...Cloverleaf Nectar and Indica Lavender.  Both their scents and their color tins are such a great addition.

Even the newly arranged display of foaming soaps and cocktail napkins 
makes me happy.

So if you are craving a bit of Spring pop in and check it out...
who knows I may even have the door open! 

31 days and counting.....


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