Two things are driving my and pops of green

It never fails.  

We get the tree down, the Christmas decorations put away and then my home, the one I loved right before it all went up in early December no longer looks the looks kinda bare.

This year I am choosing to see the bare as CLEAN. It almost feels like I have shed clutter.  Well that's what I am going with and it feels good. 

It is also inspiring me to clean out other areas that are long over due like that pile (or maybe 2 or 3) in my bedroom that I have chosen to ignore for WAY too long.  I can't be the only one with piles, right?  I think the reason they have remained in the corner for this long is THIS is how I choose to look at my bedroom...ignoring the corner of sh**.

And my room is not the only place where I/we have piles.  I have a set of drawers (8) in my kitchen and one of them used to be the famous junk drawer but over the last few months it seems all 8 have become some sort of a junk collector.  You too?  Super frustrating, right? And even worse  is you know you are the only one who will clean it.  But now I am regressing. 

The good news is I am feeling motivated to clean.  In fact, last night I cleaned out the baking cabinet....I think the kitchen police could arrest me for  expiration dates I found!

Moving on to green.

If you live in CT you know that January (really all the winter months) can get pretty bleak and so I find myself gravitating towards pops of green.   A small piece of artwork that hangs on our dining room door...

the preserved boxwood wreath that hangs in my kitchen on the door leading to the basement, the kelly green mail dresser that sits in my center hall... 

the little terrarium I keep on our bathroom vanity...

even bottles of Pellegrino left over from the holidays on my dining room sideboard...

are all happy interruptions in my home right about now.    

What's driving you this month?


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