progress with my projects

Any movement forward is progress in my book.  

Especially when it happens in the month of January because all I really want to do is bake cookies and stay in my pj's.

Recently I posted about my projects for the new year and Jonas, the snow storm that blanketed much of the eastern coast, gave me the push to start the bedroom. I shut down the store Saturday and so I had a weekend free and clear, except for a bit of shoveling.

Here are pics of the bedroom and its progress up until this point.  My 12 year old could not be held off any longer and so the bed got moved (or rather shoved) up to the 3rd floor.  No clothes, no closet, no toys, just the bed...boxspring and mattress.   Old school.

that is here....

And then after sleeping up there for a week or so I got the idea to move his bed to under the eves and create a draped, tent-like effect around the bed.  Of course Charlie was a GO.

and that is here....

To test the idea I dug up a pair of old black ticking drapery panels and used thumbtacks to hang them up on either side of the twin bed.  He kept it up and decided this was AWESOME and so I began thinking about the how of properly hanging them. 

I had initially thought about using a white canvas type material.  It's a small room and I didn't want to overwhelm it with too much busy fabric.  I knew I wanted a fabric roman shade for the window and some fun bedding so plain on the tent seemed like a good idea. I considered pre-made drapery panels to make my job a tad easier.  I read on a blog that there was a drapery panel at IKEA that got good reviews and it was only $20 a pair.  

But then I checked out the Nate Berkus fabric collection at Joann's Fabric and found a thick navy and white stripe and the doorbuster sale brought it to $7.98 a yard.  YIKES!  My finger hit "add to my cart" before I had a chance to think it through.  I bought 10 yards not even really sure how I was going to use it all.  Perfect timing that the roll of fabric arrived the day before Jonas hit.

I had a couple of different style drapery rods lying around the house and brought them into the space to hold them up and see how each would work and which would work best.  

I talked it over with Charlie and he agreed it would be BEST if he could open and close them easily to create a cool hide out.  This meant a rod and rings.

I bought a 84" drapery rod and rings at Home Depot...their selection is surprisingly impressive...and measured and cut and ironed (my no-sew trick) and installed the rod.  

and that is here...

The only thing left to figure out was how best to drape the bottom part of the bed since this part was under the eve it would require something different.   I cut and ironed but got it wrong so it required more cutting and more ironing.  I went with small nails and hammered them in.

I cut another piece of the fabric to cover the ugly boxspring.

Lastly, I installed a sconce on the wall just above his pillow for reading.  It's not hard wired so I was able to do that one myself.

The tent is in business.

And these 3 felted trophy heads he picked out at my store.  They got hung above his dresser.

Next up for Charlie's room...

-research Stickwood as a wall treatment for the tent/bed area
-drop off stripe fabric for the  roman shade to be made
-re-cover the bulletin board with a white navy geometric fabric, also from Nate Berkus collection 
-hang the rest of the wall decor
-add more electrical outlets which will have to wait until the electrician comes and I can group a couple things together...the power strip sitting on the floor is getting old fast
-finalize a new ceiling pendant


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