new year new projects

There isn't a lot of time that passes before I get the itch.  Well, truthfully I am ALWAYS thinking about the next project, in fact multiple projects.

Its like an addictive drug for me.  I love mulling over ideas, most of them are in my head but its my process for getting my ideas solidified

So here are the projects top of mind for me in this new year.

This May is the 2-year mark since I opened up the store.  Gosh, that went fast!?

Its time to make some improvements.

Last week, while the shop was closed for the week I started to paint.  While I loved the clean slate I started with the pale aqua walls are begging to be painted white.  I debated ( in my mind of course ;) about painting a feature wall my favorite Ben Moore Hale Navy but didn't want to be committed to all that color.  So Ben Moore Decorators White it is!   Gosh that was a long 4 days.  But I am very pleased with the outcome.

I spent time moving everything around to create a fresh new layout on the floor.

Since opening up the store my in-home design work has increased and I desperately want to carve out a space in the store for this portion of my business.  A proper desk to sit down.  A place to store all my catalogs, my samples, my notebooks, paint books, etc.  The ideas are there, well in my head, but once the painting was done I pushed and pulled and moved things to create this little nook.

Here is what I have done with the back corner of the shop.  This old, ugly office desk has always been kinda hidden (on purpose) but its so functional b/c of all the drawers and file cabinet.

It got a few coats of Annie Sloan's Paloma a purplish-grey shade that is actually a refreshing neutral.

I just need to decide if I want vintage, needlepoint chair or rustic  metal stool?

Since we have lived in our house I have been mulling over the bath re-do.  That's 8 years of mulling!
This little tiny space will remain little and tiny which is ok but the sink and toilet and flooring all need updating.  Since we moved in I painted over the floral wallpaper, layed down 2 leopard Ballard runners, installed a new light fixture and hung a mirror.

Here's what it looks like now. Please keep in mind a 12 year old boy is now using this.

Here's what I am thinking.  I want to keep the 1920's feel and since we never use the vanity storage I am looking at a traditional pedestal sink.

Definitely a new toilet.  And I am leaning towards a small hex floor tile w/ dark grout.  I love the ceramic planks that mimic wood but it feels a bit too modern for this space.  Especially given that I intend to keep the claw foot tub right where it is.

What's neat about this bathroom (and the bedroom next to it) is that when this house was built in 1928, the space was intended as living quarters for the housekeeper.  Even the back staircase  off the kitchen falls into this catgory.

And get this....back in 2008, we arrived for the house inspection and met the woman who was the house keeper at 299 for 50 years.  As in FIVE-OH.  While she was HUGELY protective to her now deceased employers, we got her to open up and tell us a bit about the house.  When she first started working for the family she tried to live in, up on the 3rd floor but decided it wasn't for her.

The other cool bit of history we found was the call button, in the center of the dining room floor.  It was wired thru the floor and while the wire was now cut in the basement we think it was wired to the kitchen.  It was a circular metal piece that was intended to sit somewhere near the host or hostess and it would be tapped with a foot. Feels kinda Downton Abby like, right?

Our youngest happens to have the smallest bedroom in the house and when we moved in his room had a wall of desk height built-ins.  I had a new wood top made to replace the pink formica counter and we painted the drawers.  Its been great place to store little boy mobile, lego, cars, electronics, etc.  And his clothes.  But, the built ins make it impossible to re-work the room in any way than what it has been for 8 years.  So now he has his sights set on the old guest room on the 3rd floor.  Its basically a back up gaming room right now and another project....HELL YEAH!

He has already searched for a lofting system since he thinks this will give him more "hang out" room.  But the practical side of me thinks let's move him up there and make sure its a fit.

What I am thinking about is Stikwood.  After seeing it at the Designer Show house I can't get it out of my mind.  I am thinking a feature wall.  I have ordered samples of the finishes but am still mulling over the over all theme/vibe for the room.

Since I started this post he has dragged his bed upstairs and has slept up there for a week now.  Its rough for now but he's a boy and he's 12.  He can deal with it.

Stay tuned....updates to follow!

In the meantime I have lots of work to do!


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