morning enlightenment

Have you ever had one of those mornings where something goes right and while it may be a small thing, like this morning for me, it makes you so happy?

I unlocked the kitchen door this morning to let the dog out and glanced at the dingy paint finish surrounding the door jamb and the door knob.  The only family house that doesn't have this is a brand new one or a freshly painted house and neither of those is mine.  And then I remembered what a painter told me years ago... a little bit of Comet or in my case Bar Keepers Friend on the rough side of a wet kitchen sponge will clean any wall.  

So there I was 7:10 this am waiting for son #2 to come down for breakfast scrubbing away at the dingy, white door and it worked.  I went to town on the inside, the outside and all around the door knob and lock.  But it's just a very little bit of the powder so PLEASE do not think more = cleaner.  It simply means you scrub the paint right off!

I followed up with a wet paper towel to get the gritty residue off.  
Boy does it look better!

And before that I leafed through the September issue of Elle Decor which had buried itself under my "pile" of kitchen papers and saw these amazing beauties.  Wall sconces with an incredible number of back plate options.  As far as I am concerned these 4 would be enough.

Coming on the heels of watching the Restoration Hardware video that arrived in my email box last night highlighting their new Modern Collection set to launch October 1st I actually got butterflies in my stomach (meaning a good, excited feeling).  
This whole modern thing is very appealing to me.

Have no fear I will always be more of an old-is-new, vintage-vibe kinda girl but whose to say I can't mix in a bit of modern?  After all I am always saying there are NO rules, right?!  And I have had my eye on those Vapor stools by CB2 for over a year now.

So while these 2 things mentioned above have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other they made my morning.  Isn't it amazing what can transpire at 7 am on a school morning?!  Goes to show you you just never know when inspiration (or satisfaction) will hit you.  

Happy girl signing off to get ready for her Pop-Up Shop down at the Designer Showhouse on the Green.....


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