graphite, a color to consider

I whipped up this beautiful sideboard to have at the pop-up boutique we set up at our local Designer Show house.

When I paired it with the navy buffalo check wing backs the whole package just spoke to me.  It was one of those design ah-ha moments.

If you have read my blog before you know I LOVE navy blue. But when you pair navy with GRAPHITE its even better due to all the blue that is in this grey color.  In fact, what I am realizing is that GRAPHITE goes with just about any color.

It's a SUPER neutral and should be considered for any home.  I know many of you are thinking its so dark and I don't want my house to feel dark but please, take another look!

When I found out the walls of the boutique were going to be draped in white duck Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Graphite immediately came to mind.  But think about it with hot pink or a very pale pink in a girls room or how great it looks next to reclaimed woods, orange or reds would work too.  Even light blue or aqua would be beautiful.

I also used Graphite to paint the coffee table, shown below.  

Here's what I would consider with this color....

-Natural light will be your friend with this color.  Keep window treatments minimal and let lots of natural light in.

-Don't place a piece of Graphite painted furniture on top of a dark rug.

-Play around with it by painting the back wall of a bookshelf or built-ins and see how it feels.

-If its furniture, like my sideboard, keep the walls light so it pops.

-Mix in some antique brass with it, I love how the hardware on my sideboard looks.

If you live in the Fairfield County area stop by and check it out in person!  


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