Family glue

Over the course of 2015 I have had the chance to unplug and step away more than normal.  I am very thankful for these vacations.  And as I approach the start of our family's annual jaunt to Cape Cod it dawns on me just how important this process is not just for me but also for my family.

I find travel, adventure and new experiences to be inspiring and rejuvenating.  But I also have come to realize that stepping away from our home and the day-to-day activities is SO important for our family too.  It forces (horrible word) us to come together, be together and spend time together.  Weird how we can all live under one roof but not do any of these things?!  

When we remove the distractions of every day life for both parents and kids we suddenly all land on the same neutral territory.  Typically there is no ah-ha moment but rather lots of little experiences, moments or glances streamed together. It's a wonderful form of family glue.

So while I can't wait to see the natural beauty I love in the town of Wellfleet--the sights, smells, sounds--I am also looking forward to those little bonding moments with my gang.


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