designing a dorm that isn't yours

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I love to tackle a project.  I love to bring things back to life, re-do something, paint over it or give it a new face.

But this month as I try to imagine my oldest's dorm room and what it could look like I continue to be faced with a red light.  Not my own but hers.  Try as I may this is not my dorm room.  I am not the one going to college and you know what, she has opinions and style and taste.  

This one belongs to her.  (deep breath)

That's not to say it won't be great and cute and well thought out because it is and it will be.  

So while I may be looking up "creative ways to decorate your dorm" on Pinterest and thinking about fun color combos for bedding and throw pillows guess is she!

Back away that tiny voice in my head is saying but I can't, not  just yet.  I still have 10 more days.

What we both agree on and like is...

the use of tiny white lights strung up with clothes pins and 4x6 pictures....

the navy and white zip code pillow to help her remember where her home is....

the pin tuck comforter paired with navy sheets....

and the cute canvas wall art we found that brings a pop of coral into her palette....


but that is where my part ends.  

As I stand back and watch (biting the inside of my cheek) I will say this 18-years-in-the-making redo is probably my best yet.  

Knock em' dead Meggie-Moo.


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