5 Reasons I Know I Rented the Right Vacation House


The garden at the rental was nicer than mine.  And it had that organized chaos kind of feel that I love.  The home owner is a landscape designer and while she said it was in bad shape it looked AND smelled wonderful to me.  The front of the home was lined with hydrangeas and the side (below) was lined with an assortment of goodies and they were all in bloom!  The lilies sent a beautiful aroma towards the back porch.

The shed in the backyard (the view from the porch) was crawling with climbing hydrangea.


It was quite evident that Laura (the home owner) collects vintage goods and loves anything Victorian, floral, pink, green and old.

We could have hosted a dinner party for 20 given the number of dishes and glasses.

And I loved the collection of old milk bottles on a self in the kitchen.

Even the ceramic teaspoon holder on the kitchen counter screamed vintage and was a fun find!

I won't go into the armoire full of quilts and comforters and the drawers full of linen napkins and tablecloths but you can imagine I was thrilled to complete our dinner night on the beach w/ pretty tablecloths.


Kiddos could walk to the penny candy store in less than 10 minutes and we all love the freedom of that!  We brought 3 bikes and the ride to the local market/town took 5 minutes.  With town being quite crowded at dinner hour Hubby and I took our bikes out for cocktails 2 nights.  We felt like kids riding our bikes together and parking in the bike rack! And while my family loves to mock my "Toto" basket they still asked if I would carry their phone or market purchase.  


Everyone had their own room. Which means the kiddos were all happy and other than a happy Mom, this is key on a family vacation.  

5.  FAMILY and LOTS of small moments

If you read my last post titled FAMILY GLUE you will know what I am talking about.  I witnessed more moments than I can count on my 2 hands and loved those quick snipets of happiness that settled in my soul.  They felt really good!  
And since there were 21 of my family members together for the whole week those moments happened across the board with cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents, and spouses.  

So other than the mounds of dirty laundry and washing machine that decided to quit yesterday I am feel very relaxed, happy and blessed!


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