I am not alone

Back on December 3rd I wrote a post about the UN- decorating of this holiday season.  Since then I have listened to countless customers, read a blog post about it (Myquillyn, The Nester) and even watched (and laughed out loud) as Frankie from The Middle tv show complained about it.....there seems to be a general lack of enthusiasm for decorating this holiday season.

And maybe that isn't quite the right way to sum it up....maybe its better to say minimal decorating.  And who knows, perhaps it ties into trends in home decor?  
People are paring down.  

The 6 bins of holiday decor stowed away in the attic just don't seem quite as appealing this year.

My gang dragged them down and one quick look inside caused me to snap that Rubbermaid lid right back on and say "back up" to my little helper elves.  

And then shortly after my 12/3 post I wrote a post about my 4 fav things in my house for the holidays and this too seems to stem from the less is more theory since busy me has chosen to be happy with small little tid bits of fun.

What are you feeling this year?  Is this a trend we will be seeing again or are we just jamming WAY too much into our lives and somethin's gotta give??!!

Whichever it is for you, find that thing or two that makes you smile this holiday and just GO with it!

Currently I am tickled with the burlap stocking I have filled with fresh holly and hung on my front door.  I borrowed this cute idea from a neighbor who bought the stocking at my shop and did just this with it....thanks Suz for the great idea!


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