a lack of holiday decor

This year I have very mixed feelings about decorating my home for the holidays.  For the first time ever I looked into my 4 plastic tubs of holiday decor and was not excited.  It seemed tired and dated.  (or maybe I was feeling tired and dated ;) 

I am leaning towards a cleaner, more sparse decor that has a more natural feel.  Don't get me wrong, I will still drape my front door and side portico in fresh pine garland and string lights on the 2 large boxwoods framing the front door and hang wreaths on the front windows but inside is feeling different.

It all started with the green, woodland feather trees I got into the gallery a few weeks ago.  And perhaps the slice of wood log that I have sitting on my dining room table with the pinecones and copper wire lights that have influenced me.

I am patiently awaiting a new shipment of feather trees and these I will put on my mantel.  But I see 2 on one side (large and medium staggered) and then some glass votives but thats it.  A cleaner, simpler look.  Stay tuned for the finished product!

I did go for the Hot cocoa Bar on a side counter in my kitchen (saw one on Pinterest) and that makes me...and my kids....so happy.

I used one of our tart pan chalkboards for the sign and 2 leftover black oval cut outs to label the cocoa and marshmallow jars.  I have a set of 6 William Sonoma snowman mugs that I bring out every December and they are the perfect size.

It's a beginning and with things at the gallery kicking into high (holiday) gear  it may be a while till we get any further.  


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