4 things in my house that make me happy right now

Life at the gallery has been super busy which means I have less time at home for doing all the fun things that I normally like to do during the holidays.  It also means I realize I can't do it all no matter how many kale smoothies I drink.

This December I have focused on small decor tid-bits that make it feel Christmasy but don't take all day.  Here are my top 3.

1. Our bar tricked out with a strand of large scale LED lights.  It just feels festive and takes things up a notch.  I used thumb tacks on the inside rim of the wood to secure the strand around. Clearly I didn't do such a great job hiding the extension cord!

2.  Our very small Christmas tree.  Although it's a first in this house there is something kinda nice about the tree not taking over the whole room.  And I happen to love its new location in front of the Brooder Mirror.

3.  My new centerpiece for the table.  I have 2-3 boxes of vintage ornaments that I just love.  This year I got the idea to use a glass pedestal bowl to display them and i placed a string of copper LED lights in amongst the group for added fun.

4.  The Hot Cocoa Bar I set up in the kitchen that is getting LOTS of use!  My last post had a little something about it.


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