the benefits of candlelight

I am not sure if it's my age or the migraines that makes me run from bright lights and LOVE candlelight?!

Yesterday at the shop when the sun was setting and the lighting in the space was changing I filled a garden candelabra with tapers and lit it.  It was beautiful.

 Not only is candle light beautiful but something changes when you switch OFF the overheads and the bright bulbs and surround yourself with candlelight.  The space becomes almost magical, its soothing, its calming, its flattering and its seductive.  How can you say no to all that?

I am a big proponent of keeping candles on the dining room table (a collection of votives mainly) and we light them every night when we eat dinner as a family.  For me it signifies a message to the gang, I took time to make this meal, I value our time together as a family, I don't want to rush thru the meal and I want this meal to feel special.  And if lighting 3-5 candles before we sit for dinner does that, well then BRING IT ON!  

Life is hard enough for everyone, parents and kids, and if 20 minutes of calm can be squeezed into the day then I am all for it.

How can you bring more candlelight 
into your home?

1.  Keep candles on the table where you eat as a family.

2.  Sprinkle votives throughout the house...mantel, coffee table, end tables, bar, dining room side board, powder bath, even the kitchen.  Try placing a single votive on your cheese tray/board the next time you entertain.  

Sometimes I light the ones on my island while I am cooking dinner and just let them go until they extinguish and if I am lucky it takes me thru the dinner clean up!

3.  Stock up!  Make sure you have tea lights (in bulk), tapers that actually fit your candlesticks and even a current, up to date scented candle.  If you have it all in the house its so much easier.


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