sneak peek at holiday 2014

It may as well be December with the way I feel right now.  Shipments are arriving daily, boxes are being unpacked, new, scented candle are getting tested, glitter is EVERYWHERE and the gallery is seeing additions each week.  

We need to "make hay while the sun is shining" folks!  So get ready!

I am loving the understated (not to be mistaken for boring) vibe we will be using for holiday this year.  There is still the influence of woodland with outdoor textures and animals used in decor and ornaments, there is def less mercury although personally I think it should never fully go away, we are seeing more white coming into the scene and lots of gold touches as I reported in a previous post.  But fear not, glitter touches will be sprinkled throughout!

Here are a few shots of some of the goodies expected to make an appearance in the next week or 2.

Glittery sprigs in all shapes, colors and sizes.  What I love about sprigs is there ability to be placed into any decor spot...floral arrangement, mantel alongside fresh greens, tucked in the bough of a christmas tree, or perfect to embellish a wreath or tablescape.  And I love that they bring depth and texture to design.

These have a silver and copper color combo and a long wire stick. 

These showcase a definite gold vibe with glittery balls a the tips in a variety of shades.

These sprigs each have one pinecone and glitter encrusted sprays, there is a silver version (center) and a gold version (right)

These are champagne and silver hued.

And then there are the classic preserved boxwood which we sell all year round but still offer a bright, fresh, authentic vibe for the holidays and who doesn't  love that?!

Here I placed a preserved boxwood planter under a cloche.

I love the mix of the vibrant green mixed with vintage silver.  Imagine this as a table centerpiece surrounded by lots of votives?

And the mini boxwood wreaths are always a hot seller.  Use wide bands of ribbon to hang them from a row of windows, drape them off the backs of upholstered dining room chairs, hang over a mirror or one of my favorites is to layer them over a chalk board and create something special around the wreath.

While No. 299 won't stock a ton of ornaments, some I couldn't pass up since I see them as decorative elements that have extra meaning or can multi-task.  

This star encrusted with tiny gold bells would be perfect tied to a bottle of wine!

This ornament makes us proud to live here in Connecticut and would be a lovely keepsake for anyone!

As well as this wood carved (CT again) ornament with a heart etched over our town. 


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