What to hang on the wall?

When I opened up No. 299 design gallery back in May I was hard pressed to fill the wall space being that there were no windows on 3 of the 4 walls.   I had recently picked up 2 large, empty frames at the flea market and so up they went.  But because they were so big something had to go inside.  Three mirrors hung straight down in a row and when one sells I pop something else on the nail...in this case it was a birds nest.  I used jute twine, doubled instead of wire to hand it and this is exposed adding what I think to be more texture and interest.

The gold gilded frame is hung horizontally and the brown, less ornate frame is hung vertically.  Either works depening on the space you need to fill on the wall.  Inside is where you should have fun!  Framed art work that your kids created, a small mirror, a canvas, endless possibilities.  That birds nest didn't exactly come with a hook on it, I just pressed it onto the nail and it stuck!?

Time and time again I turn to the trusty but never dull mirror when working on design.

I pretty much use a mirror (of some type) in every room!

A few weeks ago I added a new mirror to my living room.  

Previously I had a rectangular mirror...something I had already owned but didn't love.  It was too angular playing against the more modern lined loveseat and has secretly bugged me for quite some time.

The new one is called the Brooder Mirror (available at No. 299 design gallery) and I love the rustic vibe it gives off and the influence of the blue grey with a hint of white-wash.  

And, I love how it works with the light blue walls.  Another plus since I have been wanting to repaint the living room.  Six years with the same color when you are in my biz can feel like an eternity!


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