An Oasis in the midst of the Urban Sprawl

Just off Gansevort Street in the Meat-Packing district of NYC sits the High Line.  A retired subway line that ran on an elevated track along the west edge of the city, parallel with the Hudson river.

For the last 5 or so years it has been walked upon and visited by people from near and far, offering a green OASIS in the midst of the hardscape of NYC.  

A walking path that goes from Ganesevort Street up to the Jacob Javitz Center.  Walking it yesterday felt like someone handed me a giant, green gift.  It has been beautifully landscaped with amazing attention to detail.  The original tracks remain with the green landscaped around them but not covering them.

Here you see the benches which literally rise out of the floor boards in an incredibly cool, architectural way.

Open only to foot traffic, the views are RIDICULOUS.  Below you can see the Empire State Building in the distance.

There are a handful of access staircases that lead down to the street.

At many points the HighLine is flanked by buildings.

some extremely cool...

Chaises, that literally roll on the subway tracks can go from a single chaise to a double or triple size chaise.

The views looking east were amazing.

A small covered section of the HighLine hosted food and gift trucks.  Check out these windows, they seemed to be an iridescent type of stained glass...loved the way they played off the chartreuse table!

The colors in bloom were just beautiful and someday I would LOVE to take a tour with someone who could cite all the amazing green specimens.  

This is the Hudson River and New Jersey in the distance.

Do yourself a favor and put it on your bucket list!


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