Country Living Fair, the set up

Yesterday the rig got packed and my niece and I drove up to Rhinebeck NY to set up the No. 299 booth for the BIG show this coming weekend. Check it out here...

hubby surprised me with custom car magnets

We discovered upon arrival that our booth is right next to the Main Stage where talks and demos will take place.  Still deciding if this is a GOOD thing or a BAD thing!

What we DID decide was that this Country Living Fair is AMAZING!  This was the first of a 2-day set up and there were only 1/4 of the vendors there setting up but what we saw blew us AWAY!

If you have a few hours Friday, Saturday or Sunday this coming weekend do yourself a favor and GO!  

Most of the barns have pine shavings on the floor which feels so authentic.  This was a repeat vendor...all real plants and just beautiful!

These 2 women were friends from different states showing together and I loved the way they used the barn rafters to drape the burlap and create a ceiling/cozy effect.

The creativity level is OFF the charts here.  This vendor used a perfectly rusty metal sheet to create a hanging window box and has her plants in crumpled up brown bags.  

Two inch wood circle magnets

This huge booth (about 4 times the size of mine) had every inch filled with goodness and goodies!  

Collections of items I didn't even know you could collect.  Her use of repurposing was genius.  See the bottom left corner of this picture...its a table setting using vintage finds...

Tarnished silver trays acting as chargers, vintage seed boxes holding the silver ware and flour sack napkin, old bingo card layered underneath and the placemat is an old historical document.  Really??!!

This was the other corner of her booth.  Ladders built into an arbor, vintage custodial mop buckets on wheels on the bottom right corner holding plants.

And then there was my booth.  Clearly you can tell I am a first-timer! The vendors to the right of me hadn't shown up yet and there is no one to the left.  I got lucky with the wood wall (or Wool Room) behind me so I would tack up my sign and burlap.  The car will be packed up again (so will my friends) and we will be adding more tomorrow and hopefully selling it ALL!

Thanks Caroline for the help...couldn't have done it without you XO!


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