3rd floor....still going

It's like the slow boat to China over here on our third floor!  

But opening up the gallery put a major wrench into my get-it-done plans for home.

Last week the new window went in and I can tell you I will NOT miss the winter drafts or the rattling noise.  This baby is tight as a drum!

And then I realized I hadn't updated you with pics of the carpet and new couch that went in about a month ago!

What a difference wall-to-wall makes with the noise factor...cozy too.  And while the 3rd floor staircase is narrow and has 2 landings making it impossible to bring anything large up it, we happily discovered this sofa at IKEA.  Did you know all their sofa's come in pieces?  

Originally my plan was to go with navy and white up there but when it came time to purchase the sofa I had so carefully picked out they no longer sold that color.  Can you say PLAN B?  So I went with the charcoal and paired it with the bright teal pillows I had picked up last fall on sale at Target and had stowed away in a closet for a rainy day.  

And I threw a coat of Florence (from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line) on an old bar table I had in the basement to go with the cabinet (see below) left over from one of my sales.  
Perfect viewing height for the flat screen.

And that little pouf is from the Threshold Target line...its indoor/outdoor or code for easy to clean after teenagers use it!

This week Mike, our handy dandy carpenter is schedule to come finish the trim work and start on the wainscoting in the bunk room.  


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