signage for the gallery

When it came time to think about signage for the gallery I knew in my mind EXACTLY what I wanted.  (surprise, surprise ;)  

I envisioned a vintage looking sign made from wood with simple moldings and no shine or gloss.  Its how I remember all the signs in my small town growing up where there was a no color /lights rule.  Kinda weathered, only black and white, all wood....perfect!  And because the gallery has so much white on the facade the sign needed to be black.

But when I began talking to a sign company my vision just wanted matching up to the recommended options...plastic and lights just missed the mark.   And the comments like "plastic will hold up to the elements, no one will know the difference" made me realize this was going to become a home-made project.

It has been a weekend of sign making!  

Step one was Richie, a great carpenter I met at Home Depot.  He helped me identify the wood and brought my vision to a reality by making me a blank canvas to start working on.

Step two was figuring out how to get my new logo for the gallery onto the wood.  That's where Tina, my wonderfully talented graphic designer came to the rescue.  Turns out you can have Kinkos print out your logo into a life size banner in my case that was 8 feet by 2.5 feet.

Step three was tracing the logo onto the primed wood.  Using carbon paper I went over each letter and transferred it on.  Thank you Tina!

Step five was outlining the logo with a small brush and the matte black paint.  Thank goodness my daughter helped me.  We then used a larger brush to paint around the logo and gave it 2 coats.

Today I will be applying a few coats of matte poly to give it protection.  
I LOVE it and it's not even finished!

The No. 299 design gallery is opening May 1st!  
Join us opening weekend for goodies and give-aways.

318 Villa Avenue
Fairfield, CT  06825
*easy parking on Nichols Avenue, 2 doors down.


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