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So many people come to No. 299 and find inspiration creatively that they then take and use at home.  Whether it's a small good that brightens a spot in their home or an idea for a new piece of furniture or simply a new paint color, I love that No. 299 provides design thoughts.

Granted, No. 299 has a look and it's not for everyone but even if you take away one piece, place it in your space and improve it well then I say VOILA!

As I paint each piece I always imagine where it would live in a home.  The design vignettes featured in the gallery are my way of bringing that imagination to life.

Brooklyn Brownstone:
So many shelter books feature amazingly decorated Brooklyn brownstones that have been renovated by some hip, cool couple and I love how they tend to marry old and new and make it look fabulous.  This is my salute to them!

Vintage Garden:
There is something about the use of black and white with pops of this case reclaimed wood, marble, preserved boxwood and glass...#old world garden.  The enamel table truly sets the stage but all the other pieces layered on top make it interesting.

Stop into the gallery to see the other 2 vignettes...Beachside Bedroom and Gentleman's Quarters and walk away with your own inspiration!

No. 299 design gallery
318 Villa Avenue
Fairfield, CT  


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