Lighting on the 3rd floor

We are still trudging along on the 3rd floor project.  A couple weeks ago the electrician came and worked his magic.

Holy cow, what a difference lighting makes!  No longer do you feel like you are up in the attic.  It's changed the vibe tremendously!

We opted to leave the center light fixture and replace it, along with the other 2 hideous white bulb covers, with a white hanging fixtures.  All 3 are the same to keep things consistent up there and with low ceilings I didn't want to draw attention upwards.

In the center area which will be TV viewing, we put 4 recessed "cans" centered in the main ceiling area and 2 recessed cans in the sleeping area on the other side of the chimney.

This was the old toy room and will soon become the sleeping area.  A new, more energy efficient window will go in shortly and be raised up a bit to clear one of the beds.  

A few new switches and dimmers (a must!) on everything and now we wait for the carpenter to work his magic and the carpet to get installed.


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