reinventing your space

Sometimes all it takes is small changes to feel like you have re-invented your space.  Think outside the box with pieces that can add textural interest and color.  

Here I have used reindeer moss as a "bed" under this vintage glass buoy.  I've created a small vignette  for my dining room window bench.  I like to "contain" the collection on a tray of some sort...this rectangular tray is made of reclaimed wood.  

Using varying heights and different textures makes it interesting.  I have a potted orchid, small votives (it looks even better at night when these are lit) and I try to tie in the colors so they all flow and work together.

This time of year there are wonderful and inexpensive options all over.  Trader Joe's is selling small gourds in white, green, yellow and orange shades and fabulous pumpkins.  Try nature, many plants are boasting gorgeous color right now, cut and use dry in a pretty vase.

Generally speaking I am not an orange person but this Fall I am lovin' the mix-in of the autumnal colors!

Happy Fall!


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