new scents to love

I would be hard-pressed to come up with my favorite 
scented candle but many in the Park Hill Collection 
line are up there at the top.

They have a way of getting it right so many times, 
which is really what you want in the scented candle biz.  
Not to mention they burn cleanly and are a terrific value.

I will be debuting 3 new scents at the 
September No. 299 sale.

Tree Lot is pine tree in an out-doorsy sort of way 
but thankfully it doesn't scream 100% Christmas...
think fresh and real.

Citrus Celery & Sage is clean, soft and light and could easily be a year-round favorite.

St. Francis is named after a saint and makes me think 
of a very old church in France, it's one part old fashioned 
and one part comforting.

Come to the No. 299 sale and decide if one of these will become your favorite.

No. 299 Sale
September 18th-20th   9-4 pm
September 21st   9-12 pm

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT


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