Infuse seasonal color

One (well actually 4) of the best things about living in the Northeast are the seasons.  Just when you grow tired of the heat or the cold mother nature takes a turn and suddenly we are refreshed.

The switch from Summer to Fall is definitely a favorite!

My mind is busy noticing shades of color I didn't see or look for in the Summer.  Burlap, teak, straw and all the other beautiful shades of brown are popping up in nature, in home decor and even foods.  Not to mention deeper shades of greens and blues.

I drove by a favorite store window in a neighboring town the other day and saw charcoal paired with burnt orange and it was BEAUTIFUL!

When I saw clementines at the store today I couldn't pass them up, the vibrant color was just down right invigorating.

Testing a new product....
vintage-inspired 3-tiered metal basket.

I chose to put kids single-serve snacks in the bottom basket.  Hard to tell in this picture but the bottom basket is big, it could easily hold cantaloupes or even a loaf of bread or bag of kaiser rolls, a favorite in our house.

And lastly, some more grey and orange.  
Don't they make a great pair?

Come see seasonal color infused in the No. 299 shop.

September sale starts Wednesday, the 18th!

18th-20th  9-4 pm
21st  9-12

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT


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