As I get closer to the start of my September sale I get more and more busy (i.e. crazy) but there's nothin' like a little pressure to kick me into high-gear!

Those of you who are on my master email list and receive my save the date notes and invites probably saw the postcard.  

I am SO excited about it and the work that is in progress to help improve No. 299's visual image.

The postcard.....

and what I hope will be other amazing additions, came courtesy of an angel that popped  into my life last week.  Her name is Tina.

To say Tina is creative is an understatement.  
She is an art director by trade with an amazing eye 
and she gets it fast but she is also savvy, smart, kind, 
and offers advice in the nicest way possible.

These elements of my biz have always been a struggle 
for me so I am incredibly grateful for all she has done 
to help me.

So while Tina has been busy I have been in the workshop painting.  This piece is still in "the works" but it's one 
of those multi-taskers that I LOVE.  Stay tuned for more!

Is the September sale on your calendar?

September 18th-20th   9-4 pm
September 21st  9-12 pm

299 Toilsome Hill Road
Fairfield, CT

All Welcome!


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