Christmas is almost over....

It's been a week of 
festive decor, 
decadent meals, 
loads of family and 
childish surprises!

Today is New Year's Eve and this means that Christmas and all its glory is almost over.  

The stockings will come down....

The pointsettas will get tossed and my vintage enamel bucket will get 
repurposed once again...

the chalk boards will be wiped clean and given a new face reflecting a new season...


However, a few things may remain....

I love the look of the burlap placed over my white tablecloth (see pic above)
I am loving the small, vintage, cut-glass ice bucket I used on my bar table for the holidays....

and a few days ago I planted more paperwhite bulbs...I love the look of FRESH, blooming flowers in my home. 

But for 2 more days it's Christmas in our home!

Looking Ahead:
Save the Date....March 20, 21 and 22nd for the next No. 299 Sale


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