Chevron experiment #3

This here is my 3rd and final chevron experiment.....
I couldn't resist showing you.

My only struggle with this one is how I would use it!

Love it as a sofa table, place it behind a solid, upholstered couch for the perfect pop of color, ideal in a family room or I also love the idea of toning down a too formal living room with this fun personality! 

But I also LOVE the idea of it brightening up a kitchen.  

I would probably pair natural, distressed wood chairs with it, but silver, metal chairs from IKEA would be fun too.

What will you be doing one week from today?  

I  hope you'll be coming to the No. 299 sale!

All are welcome.

September No. 299 Sale

Wednesday September 12th  
Thursday September 13th  
Friday September

daily from 9-4 and Wednesday 5-7pm

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