Vintage FIRE-KING piece found!

The other day I was browsing a thrift store and this bowl caught my eye. 

There is dainty decorative work around it and a beautiful periwinkle blue cast to the glass.  But when I got up close it appears to be an ordinary pyrex bowl.  It wasn't until I googled the name that was etched on the bottom of the bowl...FIRE-KING...that I found out what it is....

 FIRE-KING made all sorts of glassware starting in 1942 and thru the middle of the 50's.  This piece is from the collection called "blue sapphire" glass. 

From the looks of it this piece was put to hard work and was loved! 

The research I did says not to put them in the dishwasher or you will ruin the finish. 
I love it anyway  :)


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