Flea Market Finds

Nanie's Attic

As a little girl I loved heading up into my grandmother's attic.  I can still remember the burst of warm air that embraced me as I walked up the narrow wooden staircase.  I'm not sure you could even stand up in the attic but that never mattered to me.  I loved sifting through her collections of this and that, opening hat boxes, trying on aqua colored high heels, touching the lace dresses and just being surrounded by the fun of it all.  Having worked her way over to America and thru the depression she saved just about everything...nothing was ever thrown out!

Even her linen closet gave me a thrill.  Mostly I loved the smell that would envelop me as I opened the door.  The smell was a combination of bars of fragrant soaps (that always seemed fancy to me) stored with fresh, air-dryed sheets.

I loved touching the cotton sheets softened with age and embroidered in detailed stiching and the feel of the starched linen napkins neatly folded into squares.

There was a bit of that feeling today as I sorted thru treasures at the flea market.  

Look what I found!

 A set of 10 water or wine goblets.  Isn't this shape great and the scroll-y detail on them....I can just imagine a table set with these!

Normally I don't go for the water or juice glasses that were sold in a variety pack, jam-jar collection concept but these just caught my eye and I thought they were super fun!  I like the colors for spring or summer and the grown-up illustrations on them.

 You should have seen this 2-tiered tray when I picked it out of a cardboard box...filthy and so tarnished I wasn't sure it was polish-able.  But boy did it shine up nicely and the 2 trays are made with a faux wood bottom that wipes clean and adds an amazing richness to the piece.  I'm thinking fancy finger foods served by the butler in the library during cocktail hour??!!

Isn't this collection of glassware gorgeous?  I don't always look for the pieces w/ the "right" stamp or label on the bottom but rather the shapes and styles that catch my eye and have character to them.  All of these did just that. 
The aqua tinted Ball jar has a super beat up metal screw lid but i love that and it will be the perfect vase for when my peonies pop....the liquor decanter has a lovely shape and carvings without being too frilly and its glass stopper is in great shape....the pedastal compote would look great filled with just about anything and the jam and candy dish are just plain sweet.

 Stamped "made in italy" these pint-sized, handsome salt shaker and pepper grinder couldn't be any cuter and I love the simplicity of the square shape.

I'd say it was a day filled with amazing treasures!  Thanks for sharing in my finds!


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