INSTAGRAM....the proof is in the pudding!

As a small biz owner I am always looking for unique (read cost effective) ways to get the word out about No. 299.  

On a regular basis I get new merchandise into the store and I want people to see it....yes, it's that great!  ;)

About a year ago my kids helped me set up an account on Instagram and I have not looked back. 

Hands down it has been my best promotional vehicle to date.  I would say that at least twice a week customers come into the store and say...."I saw your Instagram post" and it's music to my ears.

Before I realized the power of Insta I used it to feed and fuel my creative side.  Think about amazing is it to be able to spend 5 (ok, maybe its more like 20) minutes each morning to see all sorts of creative images?  Speaking as a visual person this is close to as good as seeing the real deal...let's say an 8 out of 10.  

You can pick and choose what you want to see, get rid of the ones that just aren't doing it for you, learn from those you follow about new creative geniuses and then follow them...the options are endless.

I used to feel this way about shelter know House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Country Living, Coastal Living, Domino, even the local Fairfield County magazines.  Having been in the PR biz in my last life I was promgrammed to subscrdibe to them all and when they arrived in my mail basket it was SO exciting.  I couldn't wait to have a quiet moment to leaf thru it and be filled up wtih all that creative goodness.

Don't get me wrong, I still love leafing thru the home magazines but now with Instagram I get a dose of that every morning.  

Earlier this week I headed up to bed with the latest Elle Decor which had been patiently waiting for me in my mail basket and flipping thru I was drawn to the article about designers who had grown to substantial fame strictly from their use of Instagram.  Hey if Trump can become president why can't suzie Q from anywhere, USA become a sought after interior designer?

I loved reading about the normal people like you and me who used Instagram to create a name and a following and have had major success with it.  

So I am not alone.  

The other aspect I LOVE about Instagram is the kindness of those that I follow.  These people (a lot of women) are incredibley supportive of others and kind.  

We all realize KINDNESS MATTERS and that we won't get anywhere without the help of others.  

And that part makes me love it that much more!  

Some of my recent posts...

When I comment on someones feed inevitably they send back a sweet love note or emoji saying thanks for taking the time to notice and write.  It's kinda common sense....someone pays you a compliment you say thank you.... but these days that is not always a given.  

So if you haven't already....join the creative and kind revolution.  You won't be sorry!


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