What sofas and snowballs have in common

The sofa I had so patiently been waiting for arrived last Saturday.  

Yeah, right??!!

Well it kinda went from a "yeah" to a "sigh" pretty quickly.

Turns out the new sofa that I had been dreaming about is a total departure for me and therefore created an ginormous snowball effect.  New sofa meet large snowball!

The more modern lines, styling and legs along with the dark blue color left my living room full of more traditional pieces looking like the ugly step sister.  I have to admit it has really 

thrown me for a loop! 

I have brought 6 lamps home and only 1 is working in the space.  I can't bear to look at my old coffee table, it is silently sabotaging
the new sofa.  My fascination with pillows is backfiring too!  The square shapes are fighting the modern lines of the sofa.  Even my accessories that I have over the years so carefully curated are feeling sad.  I won't get into the fact that now its causing me to re-think big picture and how it effects the dining room. 

I have kinda ignored it for a few days because I really do love the new sofa I just need to get my head around the vision for the space.  And I find its best to leave something for a bit when you hit a road block.

I often tell my clients that design takes time and that by layering over time creates a space that you will probably be happier with in the long run.  I am not very good at listening to my own advice!

So today I ordered 4 more lamps, I started researching a new rustic wood coffee table and I removed ALL the old pillows.  Below is a new lumbar pillow that I do like.  

I will empty out most and then slowly bring back in only what works for the vision.  I need to subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy and there lies the challenge.  

But I secretly love that this room is challenging me to re-think, remove and recycle.  

INHALE, EXHALE.....I got this!


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