Shopping at Home

Yesterday I moved a pair of woven cubes from in front of the loveseat to the fireplace now that winter is (finger's crossed) behind us.  And I probably wouldn't have moved them if my 2 boys hadn't been including them in their nightly wrestling shows and leaving bits of straw all over the floor.

It was a very small change but from my perspective it kinda woke things up in my living room.  Most of us (myself included) have difficulty seeing things from another perspective. As a result we tend to see our homes from the same vantage point for far too long.

 And then this morning I hymmed and hawed over what to wear to work...its getting warm but not quite that warm yet...and I pulled out a khaki jacket from the back row of my closet (circa 2000) and layered it over a navy button down with silver polka dots from J. Crew and I felt like I have a BRAND NEW outfit.

We all tend to get stuck in ruts.  
Ruts in our homes, our clothing, our food, our cooking and the list goes on and on! 

Take a walk around your house and go shopping.  
You may just be surprised what you find.

And then find a new recipe to cook.  

It will do you did for me!


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