Fixer Upper Fascination

Pop the popcorn, fluff the pillows, kick out the kids....
Tonight at 9 is the launch of the new season of Fixer Upper and I cannot wait!  

Lately it seems that I have lots of customers talking about the HGTV show Fixer Upper.  We get to talking about our favorite things (in the home decor arena of course) and it inevitably leads to a discussion about Chip and Jo, as if we were neighbors or dear friends.

If you have ever watched Fixer Upper and like that kinda look then you can relate.  You probably feel this way about Chip and Jo too!  And given the recent Silobration launching their new space it's in the design-blog-world news a LOT lately. 

So while Chip and Jo are not coming to my house for dinner anytime soon what I do know for sure is that No. 299 sells many of the same things we see and love in their Fixer Upper shows.

I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on Magnolia Market's new holiday goods available online and saw goods I too had ordered for my shop...No. 299 design gallery.

Bells for the door...

Don't you just love the jute twine and 
subtle rustic vibe on the gold bells?

and the leather bands with stitching....

Metal signs...

I love the matte black finish on these signs.

And of course lots of other non-holiday goodies like cotton stems, chalkboards, metal signs, tobacco baskets, lamps, stools and more!


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