There are no DO-OVERS

Last week we said goodbye to a wonderful person, my Uncle.  

The sun streamed thru the stainglass windows as the large extended family stood in this beautiful church  and payed tribute to Jerry...husband, father, grandfather, brother-in-law and friend.  And to stand there and listen to his story told by his 3 sons it brought one thing (besides tears) to my mind.  This man, my uncle, really lived his life, doing what he loved, being true to himself with no apologies.   

And he lived it knowing there are no DO-OVERS.  

I realize we have this one life and one chance to live life.  It's now and now is fleeting so GET TO IT people!

As we approach the holiday of giving thanks I feel thankful to be doing something that makes me happy, that drives me, that makes me work around the clock and still wake up excited, ready to start my day.  



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