No. 299 takes the local mall by storm

Some fly in on a broom, some in a sports car, but I will be flying into the local Trumbull Westfield Mall on a CART.

Yup, you heard me right....a cart.  November 15th launches my 6-week holiday stint selling No. 299 goodies from a stand-alone cart.  Of course my space will be severely limited so no chalk-painted sideboards or burlap benches at this pop-up.  But lots of grab and go gifts and home decor do-dads.  

From a design standpoint this will be quite a challenge for me.  How to take a very non-vintage vibe mall cart and trick it out so it screams 299.  But I am up for the challenge.

If you live in the local area and have ever shopped that mall I will be located just inside the doors you would take to shop J. Crew, Banana Republic or Michael Kors on the upstairs level.  And I was happy to learn that my neighbor will be a macaroon company...tres bien!

I won't even bother to post pics of current cart peeps because my hubby just texted me a few and trust me they are exactly what you would expect.  I don't want to leave THAT image in your brain.  You will have to wait until mine is complete and hopefully I can offer a different way to look at mall carts.

I get a mixed response when I tell people that I am about to embark on this and I will admit I was skeptical at first but have decided it's an experiment.  A creative, think-outside-the-box experiment.  Let's hope it will be a success!  

Bon Chance No. 299!


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