the thrill of the hunt

The sun was out, the temperature was ideal and armed with cash and my re-useable bags  I strolled opening day at the flea market this past Sunday.  I love knowing that amidst the rows and rows of vendors and their wares would be treasure hiding in plain sight.  The treasure hunt is part of the magic for me.  That one thing that catches your eye, makes you stop and wonder or marvel, its the prize.  Or, as it happened it wasn't just one thing this past Sunday but a Suburban-full.

I can't describe what it is I look for when I stroll.  Sometimes its the shape, sometimes its the color, or maybe the perfect amount of distressing that catches my eye.  It's far from a science and it is personal.  What makes me stop and marvel may not even be noticed by another shopper.  Sometimes I buy without even knowing how I will use the purchase.

And once I am back in my shop I love fitting these treasures into the mix.  The formula that seems to work for me is one-part vintage three-parts current.  Because as one of my friends like to say no one wants "grandma town".  And she is right.

I am using this vintage tobacco box (paper labels still intact!) to display Thimblepress note pads.

The vintage wrought iron baby crib rail I snatched is displaying dishtowels.  I have it standing up like a ladder.

These vintage seltzer bottles and their color caught my eye instantly.  I love them used as a table centerpiece.

I plan to use this metal-lined box as a beverage cooler Friday night to keep drinks and beers cold.  It weighs a ton!

And who can resist vintage bottles?  My new favorite summertime centerpiece is a collection of bottles or mason jars filled with battery operated copper-wire lights.  

I read a post on Instagram the other day by Emily Henderson of HGTV.  Her team of 4 posted a pic of them and their "finds" at the thrift shop while they team bonded off-site.  My point is, you can be anywhere and look for treasures.

Do you love the thrill of the hunt?


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