NY Gift Show

My head is spinning as I am fresh from the New York City Gift Show which happens 2 times a year.  It's always fun to take in the sights, the product, the trends and most importantly meet new vendors.

This year we were happy with the new vendors we discovered.  Here is a sneak peek!

We have seen leather before and we have seen words before but Laurel Denise combined the 2 into something new and refreshing!  Leather shades for every season and age.
Kudos, we can't wait to get them into the store.

Our next find immediately caught our eye.  Erin Flett, whose tag line is
designs for the stylish soul 
couldn't have been any cuter!  Gorgeous inside and out, this designer's company is based in Maine and we couldn't get enough of her hand printed home collection and her enthusiasm! 

Erin holding her own tote

generously sized dish towels

napkin with a placemat layered over

And then we saw fresh new wall art.  

Thimblepress' Glitter Guide Collection was just girly FUN! They even have printed latex balloons with gold lettering.

And we were loving all the metals and textures we found.

Of course there was lots more but I will have to sort thru all the amazing goods and create a plan for the store.  Now this is something to look forward to!


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