extra seating

In my own life and in recent work with a handful of new clients I have found that back-up, extra seating is key to making a room's functionality complete!

In my own house I have a few examples of this kind of seating.  Here are 2 sisal cubes that are light enough to move around, sturdy enough to put your feet up on and tough enough for a grown up to sit on.  
I also love the texture they bring into the design picture!

Another workhorse in my living room is this upholstered ottoman.  It was a hand-me-down that I had reupholstered and brought with me from the previous house.  
I keep it tucked under the square coffee table and when the need strikes pull it out to offer another spot to perch.  
Perfect when we put appetizers on the table and someone wants a front-row seat.

This little guy was once at the foot of a club chair.  He was discovered at a flea market in VT some 20 years ago.  He is retired now and has a spot on one of my built in shelves.  His current job is very important as holder of the "Ewe and Me" piece of art from Mary Gregory.

This is an example of using upholstered cubes to add a pop of fun fabric into a space.  In this client's sun room I wanted to add more current fabric but didn't want to commit to an entire couch or chair so we opted for trendy cubes.  
This way we aren't so invested if the trend goes south.  

What I love about extra seating is there isn't a huge investment.  And if you entertain at all you will be pleasantly surprised by how much you use them!


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