It's like sending your creative juices on a spiritual retreat

Every August I return from my vacation and write a blog post about how inspiring it is to be smack in the middle of natural beauty.  And this year I feel the same way.  

In addition to the inspiring setting of Wellfleet where nature feeds my creative side with colors across the rainbow...

favorite bayside beach

looking back at the pond

storm approaching at bay beach

sunset after dinner on the beach

crazy bright moon, last night in town

...we visited with dear, old (as in high school and college) friends, and hubby and I got to discover Ceraldi, 
a new farm to table restaurant that happily fed all my senses

Chef Michael Ceraldi

And of course there was the annual grouping of all 25 members of my family so lots of time to catch up with loved ones.

I hate to admit this but my brain feels a bit like jelly and I truly am moving like a snail but I am telling myself that is the sign of a truly relaxing vacation!


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