while i love dabbling in the GARDEN and trying out new herbs, veggies and flowers each spring and summer i basically subscribe to the trial and error method of gardening.  i have no training, did not garden with my parents when I was a kid but love and admire a great garden.  so along the way and with each new house I have tested out lots of varieties and like to think i am getting better at it all.

but inside is a different story.  i have never been very good at keeping anything alive except ORCHIDS.  how this happened i have no idea (could be my ignore it policy that they seem to love) but all my orchid plants have re-bloomed time and time again for me.  i do tend to forget them and when i remember I soak them (from the bottom) with water for a couple hours and put them back.

this morning i woke up and with my hot mug of coffee in hand peeked into the dining room to the most glorious vision.  sun streaming thru the bay window, 3 orchids in bloom, all different colors and it just lifted my spirits! 

when we moved into our 1928 house i wondered what the silver hole in the middle of the window seat was...i was told it's a drain and the reason the bench is tiled is for plants and water...it's a giant plant stand.  lucky me the tile is a muted dark grey/green!

this morning i saw the light....at the end of the tunnel, the winter tunnel!


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