Ways to Get Thru the Winter

Here in the Northeast it has been unseasonably COLD!  
We have broken all sorts of records for coldest January in the history of "what I have no idea" but dang its COLD!

I am working on small ways to make it more tolerable.  

Here is one.....FRESH CUT FLOWERS

Love the vintage-vibe going on with this hanging bud vase.

It's on a door I walk by umpteen times a day.  
p.s.  find this bud vase at the March No. 299 sale!

The other is FORCED BULBS....
I am partial to paperwhites.
This one I planted in a Pottery Barn SOUP TUREEN

and every 2 weeks I start another pot of them so I have a steady stream of blooms.  

When it's a winter wonderland outside the paperwhites are 
a bright spot inside!

The bulbs will keep in a dark, cool place for months.  
Simply plant in any type of waterproof container. 

First fill with rocks, pebbles, glass pebbles or soil, set the bulbs on top and water enough so the bottoms of the bulbs stay moist.  I like to place chunks of moss, either this bright green version (above) or spanish (grey-tone, below) around the base of the bulbs.

This one below I started about a week ago.  
I used one of my favorite vintage crocks!

What keeps you going in the cold days of Winter?


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