re-inventing the old dining room table

In a recent post I wrote about change happening in my home.  

A new dining room table found its way into our home, a bit big to fit under the Christmas tree so it went directly to the dining room.

For years I had wanted to replace our rectangular table with a round one but always stopped when I decided I wouldn't be able to part with it.  And hubby had an opinion about a perfectly good table getting tossed to appeal to my decorating whims.  :)

After talking over the possible ways to incorporated the table into our current home decor with a customer the other day (thanks Beth!) I came up with a solution.  

Welcome the new family desk!

There it is in the background along the wall between the two windows.  
Furniture was re-oriented to face fireplace and television and still feel cozy.  
Thank god it works and I get to keep both amazing tables!

Join us for the next No. 299 sale in March 2014.


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