Church Pew

On my maiden voyage to the Flea Market this season I happened upon this bench. 
Well, really it's an old church pew.  

It was sitting in the first row of vendors and I always get a mixed feeling when I find something so early on in the morning that will blow the wad...good that I found it bad that I will be out of cash.

Because of the size I borrowed a tape measure, ran to my car and made sure I could squeeze that beauty into my suburban.  My calculations told me I had 5 inches to spare...whewf!

From what the seller told me it was left outside which is how it got it's beautiful stain, no shellac, just perfectly weathered wood....I loved it the minute my eye caught sight of it.

It is 8 feet wide and my mind is racing with all the amazing places this pew could look amazing!

If you live nearby you are welcome to do a drive's sitting in my portico, 
dressing up the front of my house.

Otherwise, (if my husband doesn't force me to keep it) you will find it at the June No. 299 sale!

June 12-15th
for the 1st time the No. 299 sale will include a Saturday!


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